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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Entity
742 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal NextCloud: fix security warning related to unused imported user cert Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2021-11-02 15:53 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
740 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal admin settings not available using my admin account Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2021-11-02 16:00 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
741 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal Redmine: "Incomplete response received from application" Marc Dequènes 2021-11-16 05:34 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
731 DuckCorp Infrastructure Tracking Blocked Normal redmine: disable usage of non-free gravatar service Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2021-11-16 05:55 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
746 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug In Progress Normal unexpected restart of Toushirou host 2021-12-14 02:43 DuckCorp Actions
747 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal srv_firewalling: invalid port/service `ircd-aux'/`ircd-ssl' specified (Toushirou) Marc Dequènes 2021-12-15 08:59 System :: Base DuckCorp Actions
431 Bip Bug New High bip is leaking file descriptors Loïc Gomez 2022-01-03 12:30 Actions
343 Bip Enhancement New Normal Allow to blreset all queries or all channels Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-03-12 05:50 Actions
342 Bip Bug New Normal 'list connections' command doesn't display status of channels Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-03-12 05:51 Actions
754 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal Redmine: unable to use some unicode unicode character in comment Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-03-14 04:05 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
165 Bip Bug New Normal doesn't load openssl support for sha-256 digest Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-03-20 03:45 Actions
341 Bip Bug New Normal 'bip list connections' command should display queries Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-03-20 15:21 Actions
481 Bip Bug In Progress Normal Fix log level for erroneous messages Loïc Gomez 2022-03-20 16:57 Actions
766 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal Orfeo postman[1643199]: /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:85:in `require': cannot load such file -- active_ldap (LoadError) 2022-03-27 21:36 Service :: Mail DuckCorp Actions
767 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug New Normal mailman3-web internal error 2022-03-27 21:54 Service :: Mail DuckCorp Actions
768 DuckCorp Infrastructure External Resolved Normal Perte du xco Oxymium/Nerim à PA3 le 14/04 DC Admins 2022-04-16 01:15 System :: Network Actions
770 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement Resolved Normal redmine_dc: delete spam accounts Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-04-19 22:10 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
771 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal Toushirou: leftovers related to 00d55fd3 (apache2 & logrotate failures) Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-06-05 20:45 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
769 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Rejected Normal Toushirou get stuck randomly at boot 2022-06-07 06:44 System :: Hardware DuckCorp Actions
772 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal toushirou: matrix-appservice-irc.service is failed Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-06-15 01:14 Service :: Communication DuckCorp Actions
759 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug In Progress Normal redmine instances don't send any notification Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-06-22 04:12 Service :: Web DuckCorp Actions
744 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug In Progress Normal Remove obsolete Buster packages Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-06-22 04:21 System :: Base DuckCorp Actions
745 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement New Normal ban IPs that try to authenticate with a nonexistent user Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-06-22 04:23 System :: Base DuckCorp Actions
773 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement New Low Investigate Kea usage 2022-06-26 13:59 System :: Network DuckCorp Actions
774 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug Resolved Normal slapd service was stopped on toushirou Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 2022-06-27 07:24 System :: Base DuckCorp Actions
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