Enhancement #696

Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 7 months ago

Zabbix service is currently hosted on Nicecity but this host doesn't provide the resources (mainly CPU, for example: @load average: 8.64, 8.47, 8.08@) required for Zabbix.

A solution would be to host Zabbix service on a dedicated virtual machine. This VM would be hosted on another server located at Condé.
Here is @Orthos@:
* CPU: one core of the host (Intel i5-8600T) fully dedicated to this VM
* memory: 2Go (can be extended to 4Go)
* storage: 40Go

# main repository
## @add_new_host_zabbix-server@: add Orthos to the inventory
## @dependency_and_order@: setup @buster-backports@ before using it, install @gpg@ binary
## @mkcert_fix_RANDFILE_and_req_dn@: fix name of section in template, unset @RANDFILE@
small fixes needed
## *TODO*: Zabbix server: use Orthos
# @ansible-role-fail2ban@ repository: @buster_ignore_apt-listbugs@: force installation of @fail2ban@ package