Bug #739

Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli over 2 years ago

The fan of the CPU heat sink of the nicecity host died (the fan was stuck). It was a cooler master 40mm fan with 3 pins (something like the "A4010-70RB-3QN-F1": model). 

 I replaced it by the original fan provided with the "Gigabyte D525TUD motherboard": but this model is really noisy (that's why it was replaced in the first time). 

 Then I replaced the original fan by a "Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX": The fan is very quiet. 

 Here are some photographs: 
 * the datacenter (the nicecity host is below the UPS) 
 !{width: 20%}DSC03642.JPG!: 20%}DSC03642.JPG!: 
 * the Nicecity host dismantled/unmounted: 
 !{width: 20%}DSC03643.JPG!: 20%}DSC03643.JPG!: 
 * the Nicecity host with the new fan: 
 !{width: 20%}DSC03646.JPG!: 20%}DSC03646.JPG!: