External #768

Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli about 1 year ago

On Toushirou, the current link provided by Acontios will end in one week (2022-04-14).

According to the checks made by Acontios about the used bandwith, the Nerim link can be used instead of the current one.

A L2TP tunnel will be required in order to keep/use our current IP.

The requirements:
1. 🔲 Pilou: If any issue occurs during the migration, a physical access will be required: ask Chojin about it (Pilou will be available 2022-04-11 or 2022-04-13).
2. 🔲 Duck: contact Acontios to provide the L2TP setup

The required tasks in order to update the configuration:
3. 🔲 ensure we are able to connect through the Nerim link
4. 🔲 remove any reference to the hivane network interface
5. 🔲 stop the multihoming setup
6. 🔲 run the L2TP service
7. 🔲 start the multihoming setup

✅ @poulet@: I have checked that Bonus for @poulet@ host: check if SSH is listening on the Nerim IP provided by Nerim (@