News (or not)

2010-09-12: bip 0.8.6 “CVE-2010-3071” released.
  • Fix for CVE-2010-3071.
2010-08-07: bip 0.8.5 “Unpacking” released.
  • Fixes.
  • Now builds position independant executables
2009-11-15: bip 0.8.4 “I’ll have the same thing please” released.
  • Fix build OpenSSL detection issue.
2009-11-15: bip 0.8.3 “Hey Dublin! What’s the craic?” released.
  • Fixes a fatal() on gamesurge networks.
2009-08-24: bip 0.8.2 “Farewell Paris” released.
  • Fix hanging bip on hanging client connexions.
2009-07-17: bip 0.8.1 “Ran ran ru in Praha” released.
  • Fixed an annoying bug that resulted in too much backlog.
  • Fix TRUST command.
  • Close some unused log files.
2009-03-02: bip 0.8.0 “swelling millionnaire” released.
  • Cosmetic bug fixes since last rc.
  • Enjoy.
2009-02-02: bip 0.8.0-rc1 “got booze?” released.
  • One bug fixed and a client hack added to avoid the “+” or “-” prefix in irssi when connecting irssi and xchat to the same bip connection.

2009-01-25: bip 0.8.0-rc0 “We ain’t dead” released. It’s a relase candidate for 0.8.0. Some work under the hood, plus noticable changes:

  • One logfile per nick for queries, instead of the messy privates.×.log. Slight log format change (now the format of the log of queries is very similar to the on used for channels).
  • “Window”-local blreset and blreset on talk. By default the blreset_on_talk now only clears the backlog of the query you talked to or the channel you talked to. The /quote bip blreset command now can take a query name or a channel name as an argument. “/quote bip blreset” still resets the backlog of the whole network.
  • /quote bip backlog x command where x is the number of hours will backlog x hours.
  • autorejoin on kick by default. Can be disabled with the option autojoin_on_kick = false in a connection block.
  • bip SSL on the client<→bip part now support Ephemeral Diffie Hellman key exchange.
2008-10-24: bip 0.7.5 “But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” released.
  • Halfop handling fixed, and a shameful segfault. The segfault may be exploitable by clients, but only after successful login. Please upgrade.
2008-06-28: bip 0.7.4 “But where is 0.7.3 ?!” released.
  • Some usefull bugfixes, especially for unreal irc network users.
2008-04-05: bip 0.7.2 “Enjoy the fish” released.
  • Contains a compilation fix for OpenBSD.
2008-04-02: bip 0.7.1 “hot mama” released.
  • Contains a configuration validation fix, and a memory leak fix.
2008-02-16: bip 0.7.0 “birthday party” released.
  • The good stuff: sighup support, /bip reload should also work now
  • New commands (allow a user to add a new network without restarting bip for instance)
  • Better user feedback when issuing /bip commands.
  • Lots of new backlog options, some of which can now be set per user instead of globally.
  • And a few fixes on top of that.
2007-08-19: bip 0.6.1 released. See the downloads page.
  • Fixes half closed socket descriptor leak, as well as a potential crash on startup.
  • Bip switches to git. You can clone the public repository with:
    git clone
2007-02-27: bip 0.6.0 released. See the downloads page.
  • Includes more commands, more options, more fixes.
  • UPDATE: Thanks to YS for the sexy logo! How rude of me to forget to give proper credits!
  • Bip is developed by Arnaud Cornet and Loïc Gomez and is distributed under the GNU Public License Version 2 (see the AUTHORS file for a list of contributors).
  • BIP IRC channel is on OFTC : irc://

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