From 2017-03-05 to 2017-04-03


18:20 Review #518: Review branch backup
Marc Dequènes wrote:
> I did not look at the role yet, first remarks about what i can see from the outside.
> T...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
17:02 Review #518 (In Progress): Review branch backup
I did not look at the role yet, first remarks about what i can see from the outside.
The database backup rewrites ...
Marc Dequènes
13:58 Review #518 (In Progress): Review branch backup
This is a start: the committed configuration backups only PostgreSQL databases hosted on Toushirou.
Other hosts/di...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
14:39 Review #517 (Resolved): Review branch use_a_static_string_for_ansible_managed
fine, merged Marc Dequènes
14:00 Review #519 (In Progress): Review burp role
The Burp role is available here: Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


17:13 Review #507 (Resolved): Review branch entropy_role
Merged \o/ Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


13:44 Enhancement #497: Change Backup System
Arnaud Fontaine wrote:
> It seems burp does not intent to keep compatibility between major releases which could be a...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
13:08 Review #510 (Resolved): Review branch specify_FQDN_and_remote_port
Merged, thank you for the review ! Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


10:50 Review #507 (In Progress): Review branch entropy_role
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
10:50 Review #517 (In Progress): Review branch use_a_static_string_for_ansible_managed
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
10:37 Review #510 (In Progress): Review branch specify_FQDN_and_remote_port
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
10:37 Review #510: Review branch specify_FQDN_and_remote_port
Branch updated: @*_vars@ are split. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


18:45 Review #517 (Resolved): Review branch use_a_static_string_for_ansible_managed
Please, could you review the branch called @use_a_static_string_for_ansible_managed@ (admin repository) ? Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


15:43 Review #510: Review branch specify_FQDN_and_remote_port
Usage of YAML for inventory file isn't documented and there were some related issues fixed recently, for example "ens... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


22:22 Enhancement #515: Orfeo: increase log retention
Ok to increase Apache logs. It's not very costly for this host and if it helps debugging, it's fine.
All '.1' file...
Marc Dequènes
22:14 Bug #509 (Resolved): Review branch add_iface_korutopi
It's fine, thanks. Merged. Marc Dequènes

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