From 2017-04-10 to 2017-05-09


16:09 Enhancement #533 (Resolved): Install a Jessie LXC container with systemd enabled in order to test...
This test container can be hosted at Belleville on my own server (1T available, FTTH). Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
16:03 Review #518: Review branch backup
Marc Dequènes wrote:
> In the "jobs directory will be ignored" part, why a mkdir and not a touch? It worked with a f...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
15:52 Review #530: review repository_usage
Branch updated, thanks for catching that ! Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
15:00 Bug #523: Toushirou: log aren't rotated
In order to understand the problem, @--verbose@ switch was added in @/etc/cron.daily/logrotate@ but output of cron ta... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
13:47 Review #529: Review disable_rkhunter_automatic_update branch
You're right, branch updated. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


14:00 Enhancement #532 (Resolved): initramfs-tools suspend-to-disk changes (Stretch)
initramfs-tools 0.129 introduces changes:... Marc Dequènes


17:31 Bug #531 (In Progress): Logcheck on Elwing seems unable to send mail
On @Orfeo@, in @/var/log/mail.log@... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


14:52 Enhancement #280: Remove awstats
The webstats site is broken (403), so I guess al these stats are mostly useless. We should add Piwik stats on user re... Marc Dequènes
14:02 Enhancement #456: Reorganize data spaces
I wonder if could not remove support for FTP. Marc Dequènes
13:59 Enhancement #336: Bring PGP support to Roundcube
Version 1.2.0 has support for server-side and even client-side encryption. It is available in Stretch.
Marc Dequènes
12:47 work
* could not be DNSSEC-signed anymore as DLV is gone and Hivane has no DNSSEC... Marc Dequènes


18:37 Review #530: review repository_usage
Setting merge ff to false also affect pull, so you cannot just pull the current branch to update it and it's boring. ... Marc Dequènes
08:38 Enhancement #521 (Resolved): Certificates check: use only SAN for hostname matching, not CN
In fact browsers already implemented the change but we were saved because certificates old enough still had the CN ma... Marc Dequènes
06:08 work
* purged obsolete websites:
** yubiauth
** wikipf
** webacula
* cleanup in the DNSSEC database (problems due to o...
Marc Dequènes


18:36 work
* upgraded NextCloud (11.0.2->11.0.3) Marc Dequènes


04:39 Enhancement #520 (Resolved): Warn when a KSK update is necessary in the parent zone
Added a simple crontab Marc Dequènes
04:36 Review #529 (In Progress): Review disable_rkhunter_automatic_update branch
I guess your rational is similar to:
So we should also di...
Marc Dequènes
04:26 Review #530 (In Progress): review repository_usage
@git config@ does not need @=@, which results in the value being set to @=@ Marc Dequènes


12:22 Review #530 (Resolved): review repository_usage
This branch add a @README@ file which contains mandatory Git options and switch. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
12:06 Review #529 (Resolved): Review disable_rkhunter_automatic_update branch
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
10:20 Bug #309 (New): The Tribioune is b0rken since a while :'-(
Marc Dequènes
10:16 Enhancement #292 (Blocked): DNSSEC authoritative nameservers and validating resolvers should be s...
Marc Dequènes
10:15 Bug #40 (Blocked): Eärendil down and needs new safe location
No location for this machine. Marc Dequènes
10:12 Bug #471 (Resolved): Zabbix Server keeps crashing
The problem was error handling when sending XMPP notifications was not done well. I've got no idea if this was improv... Marc Dequènes
09:52 Enhancement #522: Implement RFC6844
Added (commented) an empty @issuewild@ to state that noone is allowed to issue wildcard certificates. Marc Dequènes
07:41 Bug #527 (Resolved): systemd not properly configured on Jinta and Thorfinn
As seen in #526:... Marc Dequènes
07:35 Bug #526 (Resolved): RTC should not use local TZ
... Marc Dequènes


17:26 Enhancement #522 (Blocked): Implement RFC6844
The RRs are ready but commented, as we have 9.9.5 and CAA support is only in 9.9.6 ( Marc Dequènes
16:34 Enhancement #501: Migration from owncloud to nextcloud
Made fixes around storage and filecache. Fixed Shared folder and related cache crashes. Marc Dequènes
16:29 Enhancement #479 (Rejected): DC4 Housing Init
Dead plan. Marc Dequènes
13:51 Bug #525 (Resolved): Toushirou: /var/log/apache2/* remove delaycompress
In @/etc/logrotate.d/apache2@, @delaycompress@ option should be removed. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
13:50 Bug #524 (Resolved): Toushirou: /var/log/proftpd/tls.log not rotated
On Toushirou, @/var/log/proftpd/tls.log@ isn't rotated. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
12:26 Bug #523 (Resolved): Toushirou: log aren't rotated
@/var/log/apache2/milkypond/ is one year old:... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


07:02 Enhancement #522 (Resolved): Implement RFC6844
Even if I think this is probably won't solve much of anything as it is based on "compliant CA", which means will and ... Marc Dequènes


18:41 Review #519: Review burp role
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli wrote:
> Note that using @hash_behaviour=merge@ "isn't recommended":
Marc Dequènes


12:22 Review #519: Review burp role
Marc Dequènes wrote:
> Pierre-Louis Bonicoli wrote:
> > > * 'server' or '_server'?
> >
> > @_server@
> ...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
11:40 Review #519: Review burp role
I see in 4dc2812 uses @ansible_service_mgr@, which is future-proof, so this is nice. Nevertheless files are in a subd... Marc Dequènes
11:29 Review #519: Review burp role
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli wrote:
> @update_cache@ is not available when using @package@.
Then I think we should for...
Marc Dequènes
12:10 Review #518: Review branch backup
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli wrote:
> @None@ or without value at all, that's the same.
Thanks for clarifying.
I guess...
Marc Dequènes

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