From 2017-07-30 to 2017-08-28


18:33 Review #518: Review branch backup
The exclude paths were not taken into account. I pushed a change to fix this and other related problems. It does not ... Marc Dequènes
12:35 Bug #584 (Resolved): Nicecity: allow all DC hosts to connect
Elwing, Jinta, Thorfinn and Korutopi has been added:... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
12:30 Bug #584 (Resolved): Nicecity: allow all DC hosts to connect
Toushirou and Orfeo only are allowed to connect to Nicecity. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
12:07 Bug #583 (Resolved): Nicecity: increase rootfs
1.5T are now available. Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
11:24 Bug #583 (Resolved): Nicecity: increase rootfs
There are only 100Go available:... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
12:05 Bug #578 (Resolved): Nicecity: local lxc-net service overrides the one provided by LXC package
@lxc-bridge@ and @lxc-dhcp@ are disabled, @lxc.service@ is enabled and requires @lxc-dhcp@ which requires @lxc-bridge... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
11:46 Bug #578 (In Progress): Nicecity: local lxc-net service overrides the one provided by LXC package
* @lxc-net@ masked using @systemctl mask lxc-net@
* @/etc/systemd/system/lxc-net.service@ renamed @/etc/systemd/syst...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
11:27 Bug #578: Nicecity: local lxc-net service overrides the one provided by LXC package
@/lib/systemd/system/lxc-net.service@ is calling @/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc/lxc-net@ which calls @iptables@. Fire... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
11:18 Review #519: Review burp role
There is an unclosed quote at the end of @templates/cron@ preventing the crontab to run properly.
Marc Dequènes


01:53 Review #519: Review burp role
It seems long backup can easily be interrupted, and I don't see any retry feature:... Marc Dequènes
15:28 Review #519: Review burp role
The TZ is repeated for each cron config while this is a host-wide parameter. All these information are all in the sam... Marc Dequènes
09:45 Review #519: Review burp role
Ok, so this patch is not needed, the @keep@ and @cron@ parameters in each @backups@ needed to be setup (in the DC fil... Marc Dequènes
08:41 Review #519: Review burp role
Another bug when getting the TZ info, fixed by this patch (I'm not on GH):... Marc Dequènes
08:28 Review #519: Review burp role
Also Burp unlinks the lockfile at the end of the backup, which means the next one will never occur if not run as root... Marc Dequènes
07:39 Review #519: Review burp role
The current rule creating the lockfile overwrites an existing file, thus destroying the lock is the backup is running... Marc Dequènes
10:53 Review #518: Review branch backup
I pushed the @backup_duck@ branch with my test changes. I just moved Toushirou's db config file away anbd back again ... Marc Dequènes
09:51 Review #518: Review branch backup
So I've got this error:... Marc Dequènes


18:31 Enhancement #582 (New): Domain spring cleanup
It would be nice to check the whois:
* warn before the zone is going to expire
* warn is the zone is expired and go...
Marc Dequènes
18:27 Enhancement #566 (Resolved): DNS spring cleanup
Alternate NS names check was added. We do not have any zone with such problem so the output is the same.
Marc Dequènes
17:40 Enhancement #566: DNS spring cleanup
After quite some refactoring to add slave zone, here is the new output:... Marc Dequènes
12:13 Enhancement #566: DNS spring cleanup
New result with reverse zone support:... Marc Dequènes
09:39 Enhancement #566 (In Progress): DNS spring cleanup
Reverse DNS zones have a fancy naming which prevents both this script and Banya to work on them. Let's rename them an... Marc Dequènes
08:26 Enhancement #566 (Resolved): DNS spring cleanup
After cleanup and latest fixes we've got:... Marc Dequènes
07:44 Enhancement #566: DNS spring cleanup
Reverse zones on Elwing were misnamed: no in the name. Marc Dequènes
07:36 Enhancement #564: Unused accounts spring cleanup
Beware for these scripts you would need ruby-net-ssh 4.1 in unstable to support ed25519 keys. Marc Dequènes
07:28 Enhancement #536: (partially) Deprecate FTP services
So, as for Toushirou, I think we have still use for a public FTP, as Pilou said. I saw other uses which may be able t... Marc Dequènes
05:33 Bug #581 (Resolved): Redmine registration page is broken
We're already using this plugin.
I had pulled the latest version and upgraded with the rest of the application and...
Marc Dequènes

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