From 2018-07-23 to 2018-08-21


19:41 work
* backported redis 5.48 to work around memory leak (see Debian#865410) Marc Dequènes


15:09 Revision b72df5ca (duckcorp-infra): duckland: sync Elwing interfaces config
Marc Dequènes
14:49 Revision c81ff1f3 (duckcorp-infra): resolve DL domain only if necessary and fix order
order matters as it defines the FQDN, which affects LDAP authz… Marc Dequènes


09:13 Bug #631 (Resolved): dovecot: dict locking problems
Log:... Marc Dequènes


19:53 Revision 2aea7733 (duckcorp-infra): fix routing of Duckcorp IPs
Contacting public DC IPs resulted in the reply being sent through the
L2TP link even when it came from the private ne...
Marc Dequènes
19:51 Revision 0b7228c1 (duckcorp-infra): e74bcd6: forgot to add file
Marc Dequènes
19:04 Revision 9076f408 (duckcorp-infra): Merge branch 'duckland_new_isp'
Marc Dequènes
19:04 Revision 02d7c212 (duckcorp-infra): Elwing: switch to new ISP
Marc Dequènes
10:24 Revision 7ef16c0f (duckcorp-infra): Elwing: switch to new ISP
Marc Dequènes
08:19 Revision 51a09d5f (duckcorp-infra): Elwing: switch to new ISP
Marc Dequènes


10:03 Revision 5460427a (duckcorp-infra): update logcheck ignore list
Marc Dequènes
09:36 Revision e74bcd67 (duckcorp-infra): do not install latest stable Apache package
this would break using mod_php because of changes in mod_http2 Marc Dequènes
09:15 Revision 10474c71 (ansible-role-zabbix): enable/start services
It is done by default on Debian systems but no on RedHat. Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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