From 2018-07-30 to 2018-08-28


08:47 work
* nextcloud: upgraded 13.0.3->13.0.5
Marc Dequènes


19:55 Review #632 (In Progress): dropbear in initramfs: ansibilize
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
19:48 Revision cad5c02b (duckcorp-infra): new Toushirou: override inv. vars using playbook vars
playbooksToushirou2 must be used when using new Toushirou
1. create a new playbooksToushirou2 directory
2. this dire...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
08:50 Revision d04ac4bb (duckcorp-infra): update submodules
Marc Dequènes
08:30 Revision 5770202b (ansible-role-zabbix): don't rely on PG peer auth, use password
Marc Dequènes (Duck)


21:59 Revision 8cbb380f (duckcorp-infra): dc-base: allow to install and configure dropbear
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
14:16 Revision a868c3b3 (duckcorp-infra): dc-base: allow to set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
02:03 Review #632 (Resolved): dropbear in initramfs: ansibilize
... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


01:34 Enhancement #612 (Resolved): new Toushirou: check disks
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
01:34 Enhancement #612: new Toushirou: check disks
All old SAS disks have been discarded. Three 1To WD Red disks have been installed.... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
01:23 Enhancement #614 (Resolved): new Toushirou: Install system disks
@/var/local/vmail@ has been added:... Pierre-Louis Bonicoli


06:25 Revision a3fb922a (duckcorp-infra): update damien's SSH key
Marc Dequènes
06:17 Revision f65df3ae (duckcorp-infra): mail: ensure stunnel is listening on IPv4 and IPv6
it caused "connection refused" Rspamd errors on the slave. Marc Dequènes
06:16 Revision bc032a41 (duckcorp-infra): dc-rspamd: clarify the backend for statistics
Marc Dequènes


19:41 work
* backported redis 5.48 to work around memory leak (see Debian#865410) Marc Dequènes


15:09 Revision b72df5ca (duckcorp-infra): duckland: sync Elwing interfaces config
Marc Dequènes
14:49 Revision c81ff1f3 (duckcorp-infra): resolve DL domain only if necessary and fix order
order matters as it defines the FQDN, which affects LDAP authz… Marc Dequènes


09:13 Bug #631 (Resolved): dovecot: dict locking problems
Log:... Marc Dequènes

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