Ansible role to manage Redmine installation


Phusion Passenger is a web application server.

This role configures an Apache Httpd vhost with Passenger, and installs Redmine.
The necessary RDBMS needs to be ready beforehand.
It supports installation on Debian OS family only at the moment because Redmine is not packaged in the RedHat family.

This role also expects to work hand-in hand with the OSAS httpd role (ansible-role-ah-httpd).
You can pass httpd extra parameters to this role and the vhost creation will use them.

Here is a complete example:

- name: Install Redmine
name: redmine
instance: myprojects
use_letsencrypt: True
force_tls: True

Local Repositories

If local_repos_dir is set, the directory for local repositories is created. A script to update
these repositories every hour is also created for this instance. api_key is also needed for the
script to notify Redmine to read the updates.


  • instance: Redmine instance name associated to this vhost
  • database: RDBMS type to use (pgsql/mysql, defaults to pgsql)
  • database_cipher_key: key to encrypt sensive information in the database (recommanded)
  • local_repos_dir: directory containing local repositories
  • api_key: key to use the API
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