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h1. Debian Repository 

 h2. Content 

 Since Buster we document here the reason for having custom/ported packages in this repository. 

 h3. Bullseye 

 |spoolinger|DC tool, packaging in Debian WIP| 
 |xl2tpd|fixed upstream release| 
 |openldap|/2.N-Way Sync and better cn=config management| 
 |python-certbot-dns-rfc2136| certbot DNS plugin |python-acme|/3.certbot with workaround since the "CNAME resolution patch": is not being merged and no solution in sight| patch":| 
 |spoolinger|DC tool, packaging in Debian WIP| 

 h3. Buster 

 |ftp-ssl|missing in Buster| 
 |m2crypto|dependency for *srv_cert_tlsa_gen*| 
 |molly-guard|/2.backported "fix for Debian#914716":| 
 |phpmyadmin|/7.phpmyadmin is missing from Buster and previous version was broken (#670), simple backport with a few dependencies| 
 |python-acme|/3.certbot with "CNAME resolution patch":| 
 |roundcube|/2.port of the 1.4 series to get important improvements| 
 |spoolinger|DC tool, packaging in Debian WIP| 
 |inspircd|patched to be able to reload the TLS certificate without restarting (not supported in v2)| 
 |xl2tpd|fixed upstream release| 
 |openldap|/2.N-Way Sync and better cn=config management| 

 h2. Administration 

 All files are stored into */srv/www/sites/* (config, packages, upload zone…). The user *dc-repository* has been created to handle all the necessary tasks with only limited rights. 

 Regular administration is to be done using the *adm_dc-repository* script as root. This script is able to sudo and pass local configuration options to reprepro, and avoid messing with the rights. 

 For example: 
 # adm_dc-repository list jessie 
 jessie|dc-net|amd64: libiksemel-dev 1.4-2+dc1 
 jessie|dc-net|amd64: libiksemel-utils 1.4-2+dc1 
 jessie|dc-net|amd64: libiksemel3 1.4-2+dc1 
 jessie|dc-net|amd64: zabbix-agent 1:2.4.6+dfsg-1+dc1 
 jessie|dc-net|i386: zabbix-agent 1:2.4.6+dfsg-1+dc1 
 jessie|dc-net|source: libiksemel 1.4-2+dc1 
 jessie|dc-net|source: zabbix 1:2.4.6+dfsg-1+dc1 

 h2. Adding Contributors 

 The list of uploader is setup into */srv/www/sites/*. 

 h2. Renewing Signing Key 

 gpg expects to have full control over the tty, so temporarily give the tty's ownership over to the _dc-repository_ user (or document here a better solution). 

 Key creation: 

 chown dc-repository $(tty) 
 su - dc-repository 
 gpg --full-generate-key 
 # default key is fine 
 # expiration: 5y 
 # Real name: DuckCorp Archive Automatic Signing Key 
 # Email address: 
 # note the new <key-id> 
 gpg --armor --export <key-id> >duckcorp_repository.gpg.key 
 chown root $(tty) 

 Update the <key_id> in _host_vars/Toushirou/debian_repository.yml_ and redeploy the repository configuration: 

     ansible-playbook --diff playbooks/tenants/duckcorp/debian_repository.yml 

 Force resigning with the new key: 

     adm_dc-repository --export=lookedat export 

 Then update the APT trusted keys on all hosts: 

     ansible-playbook --diff -t apt playbooks/common.yml