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h1. Introduction DuckCorp Infrastructure 

 This is the root of the DuckCorp Admin Team materials used to install, configure and manage services. 

 DuckCorp is commited to "Free Software":, thus all materials are published under the GPL v3 License (see details of the license in the `COPYING` file). 

 h1. Understanding these Materials and Contributing 

 Please read the *README* file in the Repository tab. 

 h1. h2. Wanted Improvements or Bugs affecting our Infrastructure 

 DuckCorp is using the Debian operating system; here are some bugs we identified as affecting our infrastructure: infrastructure 

 *;nam0=Severity;pri0=severity:critical,grave,serious,important,normal,minor,wishlist;nam1=Host;ttl1=Elwing,Jinta,Korutopi,Nicecity,Orfeo,Toushirou,Thorfinn;pri1=tag:host-elwing,host-jinta,host-korutopi,host-nicecity,host-orfeo,host-toushirou,host-thorfinn (this URL needs maintenance each time we have a new machine) 
 * (closed BR expiration is faster)