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h1. Mail 

 h2. MTA-STS 

 We support MTA-STS (RFC8461): we publish a generated policy and hooked a resolver to Postfix. 

 h2. DANE 

 Our zones are DNSSEC secured and we publish DANE-EE TLSA DNS DNC records for the leaf certificates. Postfix is configured to validate if the records are available. 

 h2. SPF / DKIM / DMARC 

 These are flawed: 

 The world did not deploy SRS massively, mailing-lists are still common and often altering the mail, we do support SMTP SUBMISSION for roaming users but many providers or companies still block legitimate ports, mail forwarding and redirections on another domain are also useful features, so we decided to not implement these. 

 h2. Checks 

 "Hardenize": does extensive checks for mail; it is a bit excessive about accepted ciphers: it's still better to do opportunistic TLS with a medium strengh cipher than go encrypted.