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  • Bip

    Sexy IRC Proxy

    More informations are here : wiki


    Bip is an IRC proxy, which means it keeps connected to your preferred IRC servers, can store the logs for you, and even send them back to your IRC client(s) upon connection.

    You may want to use bip to keep your logfiles (in a unique format and on a unique computer) whatever your client is, when you connect from multiple workstations, or when you simply want to have a playback of what was said while you were away....

    • DDNS

      Dynamic DNS client and server.

    • DuckCorp Infrastructure

      This is the root of the DuckCorp Admin Team materials used to manage the Infrastructure.

      DuckCorp is commited to Free Software, thus all materials are published under the GPL v3 License (see details of the license in the `COPYING` file)....

    • LdapWalker

      A LDAP interractive shell.

      The goal of this tool is to make LDAP exploration and changes in a terminal It works in a shell with easy CLI manipulations and history and other features (kindly provided by Python 'cmd2').

    • mkcert

      Small PKI script wrapping around OpenSSL.

      Ease the pain or creating a CA (or many), server and client certificates, regenerating then, and pushing them on the destination server.

      Additionally it can generate TLSA/DANE DNS RR.

      • git://
    • Spoolinger

      The Spoolinger is a generic spool manager, watching for incoming files in a specific directory and scheduling their processing.

  • UFWI
    • Daemons
      • ufwi-filterd: an authenticating firewall based on netfilter's NFQUEUE target. It allows to write filtering rules based on user identity, in addition to classical network criteria.
      • ufwi-filterd: handles both client authentication, taking decisions on requests sent by the ufwi-filterd daemon to accept packets or not, and sending decision to the ufwi-filterd daemon....
  • wine-ctl

    Manage Wine Prefixes

    The goal of this tool is to manage Wine prefixes from the command line.

    It is a very thin wrapper around Wine commands to make it simple to
    manage multiple prefixes and usual commands (winetricks, dxvk).

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