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mail: setup multi-master sync

Added by Marc Dequènes about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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We need to decide which host would be the second node. Maybe Toushirou-NG?

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Blocked by DuckCorp Infrastructure - Bug #435: DSPAM has no futureResolvedMarc Dequènes2015-02-04

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  • Blocked by Bug #435: DSPAM has no future added
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Updated by Marc Dequènes almost 6 years ago

Because this would impact retraining using the recommended method by moving mails in/out of the Junk folder, we would first need to prepare the full anti* stack on the other node. I would rather replace DSPAM first (#435) than deploying it again. It is quite resource intensive for Toushirou to withhold it and I'm not sure two instance would not tramp on each-other while using the database.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes almost 6 years ago

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~3 days ago I finished building the stack on Toushirou and worked on this replication setup. After some initial difficulties it seem to sync well. I know need to test using IMAP on Toushirou.

I deactivated #Virtual, only tested on my account and not really useful; it could not be replicated.

I added a filter to avoid #MilkyPond and #Shared replication which is not suppose to work either. No one seems to be using the features, so no real loss. I'll have a look if #MilkyPond could be restored just for fun.

Before I can bring this to production I need to Ansibilize Spoolinger. I did some code improvement and added a service file and plan to package it. Then retraining can be activated too on Toushirou.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes almost 6 years ago

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Spoolinger is packaged and Ansibilized now. It was deployed on Toushirou.

Now I need to test interacting with both servers at the same time and see how synchronization and retraining behaves.

If the use triggers a retraining on one server and cancel it on the other, this would not work well. There's no easy way to fix this but I think cancellation happens really rarely and on the same session so we can forget about it.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes almost 6 years ago

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IMAP and SIEVE are working fine and replication is very fast.
I setup the delivery with mailman routing to Orfeo.
Toushirou is a full MX1 now.


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