Marc Dequènes





11:50 Bip Bug #714 (New): unused-result warnings
On a recent build of 0.9.0~rc4 on Debian unstable:... Marc Dequènes
04:19 wine-ctl Revision 205a2b2f (wine-ctl): Release v1.0.1
Marc Dequènes


04:02 wine-ctl Revision 28449152 (wine-ctl): Handle patch with spaces (regression after introducing command with parameters using shlex)
Marc Dequènes


15:16 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision ae647f1f (duckcorp-infra): doc: add a shell snippet to help with the vault settings
Marc Dequènes
15:10 DuckCorp Infrastructure Wiki edit: DuckCorp-Infra (#20)
Marc Dequènes
13:10 wine-ctl Revision 91419188 (wine-ctl): Add missing copyright header
The license was already clearly provided in the COPYING file but that's
good practice.
Marc Dequènes
11:43 DuckCorp Infrastructure Review #712 (Resolved): Fix 'ipaddr' Jinja filter usage and avoid a fork
Sorry it took so long. I think I looked at it but was really tired and did not understand well. I've been a bit off t... Marc Dequènes
11:40 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 6d686be9 (duckcorp-infra): Merge branch 'fix_ipaddr_usage'
Marc Dequènes
10:04 wine-ctl Revision 180b34e7 (wine-ctl): add link to Wine commands in README
Marc Dequènes
09:01 wine-ctl Revision eb81ea73 (wine-ctl): Initial release
Marc Dequènes

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