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04:45 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 48cee172 (duckcorp-infra): enable apc in the CLI
It is necessary for crontabs and also using the CLI tool. Marc Dequènes


05:43 DuckCorp Infrastructure work
* nextcloud:
** 27.1.2 -> 27.1.3
** now use APCu and Redis as memcache, as recommended
Marc Dequènes
05:21 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 3c57013d (duckcorp-infra): update memory caching
Marc Dequènes


08:51 DuckCorp Infrastructure work
* nextcloud: 25.0.5 -> 27.1.2 Marc Dequènes


04:14 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 6568415c (duckcorp-infra): update submodules
Marc Dequènes
03:39 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 36daa545 (duckcorp-infra): Move FTP to extra VG
Frees some space on the main VG. No need for speed for such data. Marc Dequènes


05:06 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 443ac060 (duckcorp-infra): allow reading /proc/cpuinfo
Marc Dequènes


08:03 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 5ab1a1ad (duckcorp-infra): Revert "dl/dhcp: update Zushi's MAC"
This reverts commit cd95096932ff885d81666eda33bdf201476a5f4a. Marc Dequènes
07:12 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision cd950969 (duckcorp-infra): dl/dhcp: update Zushi's MAC
NM's connection UUID changed and it seems to be a side-effect. in
a98a658@duckland-infra the UUID is not fixed now an...
Marc Dequènes


10:50 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #743: Switching to Prometheus?
Dovecot added openmetrics support and I added the configuration in the role and in our deployment. In "some interesti... Marc Dequènes

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