Marc Dequènes





07:29 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision c076e0ba (ansible-role-mta-sts_resolver): cleanup after switch to Debian package #2
Marc Dequènes


12:11 DuckCorp Infrastructure Bug #697: Fix "Found variable using reserved name: port" (ansible-role-ssh role)
I agree this is an annoying message, but as far as I can read in the Ansible documentation this is not a reserved var... Marc Dequènes
11:41 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 859c61fd (duckcorp-infra): use instead of
Marc Dequènes
11:39 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision a7b618cb (ansible-role-thelounge): use instead of
Marc Dequènes
11:39 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 6db452af (ansible-role-thelounge): Embed fixed yarn module
Until Ansible#50236 is fixed. Marc Dequènes
10:47 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #661 (Resolved): Elwing: rename bridge interfaces to follow the new naming rules
Applied in changeset commit:duckcorp-infra|a8824caef182d5d9a96be7b9c04d14e30708cec8. Marc Dequènes
10:46 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision a8824cae (duckcorp-infra): Elwing: rename bridge interfaces
fixes #661 Marc Dequènes
10:06 DuckCorp Infrastructure Wiki edit: Naming_Rules (#3)
Marc Dequènes
09:55 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #696 (Resolved): New VM for sup/Zabbix
It's fine, thanks. I just updated to use the CIDR to simplify (it calculates the other parameters automagically). Marc Dequènes
09:52 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 4ba4dd47 (duckcorp-infra): Orthos: use CIDR to simplify network config
Marc Dequènes

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