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22:13 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #674: MTA-STS
Well well well.... Marc Dequènes
21:53 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #674: MTA-STS
SMTP certs are now using Let's Encrypt certs using DNS challenge. I was able to enforce the MTA-STS policy again.
Marc Dequènes
14:09 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #674: MTA-STS
despite my tests (I guess due to delay to be taken into account) the enforcing policy caused problems because of our ... Marc Dequènes
13:48 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #674: MTA-STS
We need to secure too. Marc Dequènes
12:50 DuckCorp Infrastructure Enhancement #674: MTA-STS
I had no reply and that's going to take time anyway so I created a role to install postfix-mta-sts-resolver using pip... Marc Dequènes
21:22 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 9242b4d8 (duckcorp-infra): Revert "mail: switch MTA-STS policy to testing"
This reverts commit 3db86420d79347122c52d68e270c495776a6bf3a.
Since we use Let's Encrypt certificates now, we can go...
Marc Dequènes
21:20 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 2aea1e51 (duckcorp-infra): dc-postfix: improve TLS security but keep some compat for opportunistic TLS
Marc Dequènes
20:40 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 7da33ca6 (duckcorp-infra): mail: use Let's Encrypt DNS challenge to generate SMTP certs
Marc Dequènes
14:09 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 3db86420 (duckcorp-infra): mail: switch MTA-STS policy to testing
not working well with a custom CA Marc Dequènes
13:16 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 5d3764ae (duckcorp-infra): add MTA-STS resolver deployment
Marc Dequènes

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