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Bip Maintainer 2010-10-25
DuckCorp Owner, Maintainer 2012-01-07
CyborgHood Owner, Maintainer 2009-03-06
DDNS Owner, Maintainer, Contributor 2014-04-01
DuckCorp Infrastructure Owner, Maintainer, Contributor 2010-08-12
DuckCorp Website Owner, Maintainer, Contributor 2010-08-12
Ducklings Volunteer Activities Owner, Maintainer, Contributor 2011-06-12
Zabbix Configs Owner, Maintainer 2015-11-21
LdapShadows Owner, Maintainer 2010-04-05
mkcert Owner, Maintainer 2015-09-03
Spoolinger Owner, Maintainer 2012-01-21
MyCyma Owner, Maintainer 2008-09-23
Ruby-Debian Maintainer 2009-06-12
wine-ctl Owner, Maintainer 2020-10-28



05:05 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision fa39accb (duckcorp-infra): dc-irc: fix Toushirou's net device name
Marc Dequènes


05:30 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 73cf8dfd (duckcorp-infra): redis: update certificate (client)
Marc Dequènes
05:22 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 29ad7d2b (duckcorp-infra): Remove LXD traces
Marc Dequènes


17:42 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 468290a9 (duckcorp-infra): n/interfaces does not like comments not at beginning of line
Marc Dequènes
17:27 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision ba6845f4 (duckcorp-infra): Toushirou: switch MAC for eth-wan-hivane
We must have inverted the interfaces during the migration. Marc Dequènes


04:56 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 850d97b2 (duckcorp-infra): fail2ban: apply tags
Marc Dequènes
04:55 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 418ee484 (duckcorp-infra): duckland: new IPs for new Pond
Marc Dequènes


05:35 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision 97a08878 (duckcorp-infra): duckland: add extra VLAN for untrusted devices
Marc Dequènes


07:09 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision aea4ebf9 (duckcorp-infra): duck: add mail alias
Marc Dequènes


01:33 DuckCorp Infrastructure Revision ea3ea468 (duckcorp-infra): Toushirou: fix IPv6 route
In ipv6 rules there is no lookup in the default table like in IPv4 for
some obscure reason. The multihoming script pr...
Marc Dequènes

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