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LXD on Elwing

Added by Marc Dequènes almost 4 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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I need to continue exploring LXD on Elwing. Not sure if we can use it to replace Orfeo in case we loose it or the housing but it may become handy.

Currently on major problem is the Debian packaging which is still WIP:
My package has not been updated for a while and I would like a more stable solution if we're to use it in production.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes almost 4 years ago

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Updated by Marc Dequènes over 2 years ago

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I'd like to use it to host Redmine since it's not working with Rails 6 and it is blocking for upgrading to bullseye.

I had upgrade my package to 4.10, not sure that's the latest version now. It has been working fine on unstable for a while and I think it would be fine on stable with a rebuild.
Currently Elwing has 3.0.3 and I just upgraded to bullseye. It works but stopping a container without --force does not work. The package also has some problems I have fixed along with 4.10.
I'll do a rebuild of 4.10 on stable and see how it goes.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes over 2 years ago

With changes in golang with the introduction of modules 4.10 was not compiling anymore. I packaged 4.19 and that's working fine on unstable.

On bullseye on Elwing it was working but stopping a specific VM was hanging. I checked the logs, apparmor etc. I mount mounting problems that were fixed by adding but the hang still remained. I backported the unstable version of LXC and still no improvement. In the end I had another container also on Stretch that is working fine, and I tested launching a Buster container successfully. I guess some systemd fix or something is needed but the problematic container is quite old.

As for the package, I don't see much progress on the Debian side. The current packaging we're using is based on Piotr Iwaniuk but simply gives up on using packaged golang deps and downloads them buring build. It's not satisfying but works well and should be easy to bump to newer upstream versions. Anyway we probably won't need any bump for stable until the next major Debian version.

Packages are in our repository, so now I need to work on the Ansible deployment.

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The deployment is done.

I've been testing several key features and got problems with container migrations.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes over 2 years ago

I was able to export the redmine I was preparing on Annael and import it on Toushirou successfully.

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Updated by Marc Dequènes 8 months ago

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We decided to stop using LXD. It's a pain to maintain the package and we had bugs while testing migrations. Now in Bookworm redmine is available again and we just switched back to the package. In the future podman+quadlets seem a much better fit according to my experience at work.


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