Enhancement #648

Updated by Marc Dequènes about 4 years ago

Please update the TODOs below and add a note to comment on the progress. 

 Identified oneshot changes: 
 * before migration: 
 ** -add buster in our repo and check if packages needs to be ported- (spoolinger is done, lxd needs more work, nothing else needs porting) 
 ** -"Migrating from legacy network interface names": (all machines migrated to the new [[Naming Rules#Network-Interfaces]]) 
 * after migration: 
 ** -/usr /usr is now merged by default and most softwares expect path to be updated (look at the _softwares incompatible with usrmerge layout_ below): apt install usrmerge- (done) usrmerge 
 ** -SysV SysV init related packages no longer required: apt purge initscripts sysv-rc insserv startpar- (done) startpar 
 ** -PostgreSQL databases need to be reindexed- (in fact pg_upgradecluster dumps/imports so it is not necessary) 
 ** -apt-transport-https is no longer necessary- 
 ** -on on web servers _php7.0-common_ needs to be removed manually: : apt purge php7.0-common- (done) php7.0-common 
 ** -systemd-journal-upload/systemd-journal-gatewayd services user/group can be removed as they are now dynamically allocated- (none found) 

 Identified deployment changes: 
 * -hidepid with systemd and polkit: see 
 * -install debian-security-support- 

 Problematic softwares: 
 * -phpmyadmin: not in Buster but still in Debian; I see a "RFA": with work towards newer versions but that requires several new dependencies- (backport builds done and working, see #670) 
 * -ftp-ssl: still in Debian but missing in Buster because it was not ready for openssl 1.1; 0.17.34+0.2-4.1 contains a patch and could be backported in our repo (unless it comes in Debian first)- 
 * softwares incompatible with usrmerge layout: 
 ** -molly-guard problems ( (molly-guard and usrmerge backported in our repo)