Bug #325

Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli almost 10 years ago

As a bip administrator (@bip.conf@: @admin = true;@ in @user@ section) when using the following commands: 

 /BIP DEL_CONN <connection name> 
 /BIP ADD_CONN <connection name> <network> 

 a segfault occurs: occurs. 

 [317679.982877] traps: bip[4515] general protection ip:7fb5eb171ec9 sp:7fff7a0b3ad0 error:0 in bip[7fb5eb15f000+26000] 

 Sometimes only the first command @/BIP DEL_CONN <connection name>@ is enough to trigger the segfault. 

 I have listed two different backtraces: 

 # @irc_cli_startup@ 
 #0    0x00007f8df68ebeeb in irc_cli_startup (bip=bip@entry=0x7fff016b2180, ic=ic@entry=0x7f8df7cb7d90, line=<optimized out>) at src/irc.c:737 
 #1    0x00007f8df68ec773 in irc_cli_pass (line=<optimized out>, ic=<optimized out>, bip=<optimized out>) at src/irc.c:873 
 #2    irc_dispatch_loging_client (line=0x7f8df7c9dbb0, ic=0x7f8df7cb7d90, bip=0x7fff016b2180) at src/irc.c:1240 
 #3    irc_dispatch (bip=bip@entry=0x7fff016b2180, l=l@entry=0x7f8df7cb7d90, line=line@entry=0x7f8df7c9dbb0) at src/irc.c:1255 
 #4    0x00007f8df68ee48f in bip_on_event (bip=bip@entry=0x7fff016b2180, conn=0x7f8df7c7ed00) at src/irc.c:2482 
 #5    0x00007f8df68ee6c3 in irc_main (bip=0x7fff016b2180) at src/irc.c:2557 
 #6    0x00007f8df68df338 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at src/bip.c:1318 
 # @irc_server_lag_compute@ 
 #0    irc_server_lag_compute (l=l@entry=0x7f442613d930) at src/irc.c:2206 
 #1    0x00007f4425b4a162 in bip_tick (bip=bip@entry=0x7fffc20c4650) at src/irc.c:2398 
 #2    0x00007f4425b4a718 in irc_main (bip=0x7fffc20c4650) at src/irc.c:2546 
 #3    0x00007f4425b3b338 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at src/bip.c:1318