bip 0.9.0 "it's never too late"

Added by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli over 2 years ago

  • backlog_no_timestamp is deprecated, backlog_timestamp should be used instead. The allowed values for this new parameter are: none, time, datetime. time is the default value and allow to keep the default behavior.
  • allow to set TLS ciphers: for bip client side (client_side_ciphers), globally for all connections (ssl_default_ciphers) and for each connection (ssl_ciphers).
  • allow to set DH parameter used for clients SSL connections with the new client_side_dh_param parameter.
  • add write_oidentd_file parameter. Existing oidentd users must use write_oidentd = true in their config to keep existing behavior.

bip 0.8.9

Added by Marc Dequènes over 10 years ago

codename "If it's really that urgent, why don't you do it yourself?"
  • code fixes (see roadmap)
  • buildsys fixes (bison 2.6 compatibility and others)
  • improved TRUST OK command replies when there's no untrusted certificate
  • fixed GCC warnings

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