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16:13 Bip Revision c9cc64f2 (bip): Be more consistent when freeing incomplete clients.
Cleanup IRC_TYPE_TRUST_CLIENT clients from the connecting client list
the same way as IRC_TYPE_LOGING_CLIENT.
Arnaud Cornet


22:58 Bip Revision 00448260 (bip): Don't unbind succesful trusting clients twice.
Complements commit 60122ef160bc2bacbd78f7907390a6743bc0c64d. Arnaud Cornet


04:32 Bip Bug #637: Segfault linked to NICK handling
I think this happens if you have a server waiting for "trust" and you disconnect a client then reconnect and successf... Arnaud Cornet


01:45 Bip Bug #490 (Resolved): bip fails to connect
Arnaud Cornet
01:44 Bip Bug #609: Issue compiling bip
Renzo Kuken wrote:
> Thanks, apparently I'm blind =)
> Would there be a way to make it clearer in the configure...
Arnaud Cornet
01:18 Bip Bug #613 (Rejected): It is possible connecto a IRC server throgh a http/socks proxy?
We don't support socks unfortunately.
I'd recommend reading those:
Arnaud Cornet
01:12 Bip Bug #636 (Resolved): Build fails with GCC 8 due to format truncation errors
Arnaud Cornet


02:05 Bip Revision 65406960 (bip): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Arnaud Cornet
01:52 Bip Revision df5508ee (bip): Deal more gracefully with long home directories.
This is a better fix for:
Arnaud Cornet
01:40 Bip Revision 87192685 (bip): Fix gcc-8 warning.
Change weird use of strncpy where we know we will truncate and use an
extra byte copy instead.
Arnaud Cornet

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