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01:34 Bip Bug #636: Build fails with GCC 8 due to format truncation errors
Per the following the warning is about truncation which can cause various harm (that is not memory stomping, but stil...


00:15 Bip Revision e224f067 (bip): Fix the conditional build of tests again.
Per [1], you always output the optional directory Makefile.
00:15 Bip Revision 936b7669 (bip): Make the tests subdirectory optional.
Otherwise build breaks when check is not installed.
00:14 Bip Revision caf979a4 (bip): Close descriptor when SSL reports a system error.
Avoids leaking fd when connections are closed abruptly.
00:14 Bip Revision 513a6582 (bip): Add CFLAGS needed for openssl.
Otherwise building fails in platforms with esoteric openssl locations.
00:14 Bip Revision ba5cef01 (bip): Fix test automake file to link openssl.
00:03 Bip Revision c0fafe66 (bip): Simplify autotools configuration.
00:02 Bip Revision a80e74bb (bip): Add .clang-format file.
00:02 Bip Revision fabaec9d (bip): More files in .gitignore
00:02 Bip Revision e222e1c9 (bip): Add .gitignore.

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