Documentation #457

Updated by Marc Dequènes about 5 years ago

Pilou suggested using a table to know which machine performs which service (and optionally which services are lost when a machine is down).

As it could bring a lot of lines for the many services, I suggest using categories an subcategories, like:
* Mail
** MTA
** Mailing-Lists
** MailSync (Fetchmail)
** MailRetrieval (IMAP/POP/Webmail)
** MailFiltering (antivirus/antispam)
** MailManipulation (SIEVE/Procmail?)

When the need for details arrise, the cell could have the role name. For example, Orfeo would have for _MTA_ the role _MX1, while Toushirou would have _MX2_, and so on. It could be interesting to find a way to have both a view of roles and of software names to implement them.

The service list in the user wiki can be used as a source to build this documentation.

It should also specify if the service is under a Configuration Management system.