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Pierre-Louis Bonicoli, 2010-10-25 23:56
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Bip is an IRC proxy, which means it keeps connected to your preferred IRC servers, can store the logs for you, and even send them back to your IRC client(s) upon connection. You may want to use bip to keep your logfiles (in a unique format and on a unique computer) whatever your client is, when you connect from multiple workstations, or when you simply want to have a playback of what was said while you were away.

News (or not)

2010-09-12: bip 0.8.6 “CVE-2010-3071” released.
  • Fix for CVE-2010-3071.
2010-08-07: bip 0.8.5 “Unpacking” released.
  • Fixes.
  • Now builds position independant executables
2009-11-15: bip 0.8.4 “I’ll have the same thing please” released.
  • Fix build OpenSSL detection issue.
2009-11-15: bip 0.8.3 “Hey Dublin! What’s the craic?” released.
  • Fixes a fatal() on gamesurge networks.
2009-08-24: bip 0.8.2 “Farewell Paris” released.
  • Fix hanging bip on hanging client connexions.
2009-07-17: bip 0.8.1 “Ran ran ru in Praha” released.
  • Fixed an annoying bug that resulted in too much backlog.
  • Fix TRUST command.
  • Close some unused log files.
2009-03-02: bip 0.8.0 “swelling millionnaire” released.
  • Cosmetic bug fixes since last rc.
  • Enjoy.
2009-02-02: bip 0.8.0-rc1 “got booze?” released.
  • One bug fixed and a client hack added to avoid the “+” or “-” prefix in irssi when connecting irssi and xchat to the same bip connection.

2009-01-25: bip 0.8.0-rc0 “We ain’t dead” released. It’s a relase candidate for 0.8.0. Some work under the hood, plus noticable changes:

  • One logfile per nick for queries, instead of the messy privates.×.log. Slight log format change (now the format of the log of queries is very similar to the on used for channels).
  • “Window”-local blreset and blreset on talk. By default the blreset_on_talk now only clears the backlog of the query you talked to or the channel you talked to. The /quote bip blreset command now can take a query name or a channel name as an argument. “/quote bip blreset” still resets the backlog of the whole network.
  • /quote bip backlog x command where x is the number of hours will backlog x hours.
  • autorejoin on kick by default. Can be disabled with the option autojoin_on_kick = false in a connection block.
  • bip SSL on the client<→bip part now support Ephemeral Diffie Hellman key exchange.
2008-10-24: bip 0.7.5 “But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” released.
  • Halfop handling fixed, and a shameful segfault. The segfault may be exploitable by clients, but only after successful login. Please upgrade.
2008-06-28: bip 0.7.4 “But where is 0.7.3 ?!” released.
  • Some usefull bugfixes, especially for unreal irc network users.
2008-04-05: bip 0.7.2 “Enjoy the fish” released.
  • Contains a compilation fix for OpenBSD.
2008-04-02: bip 0.7.1 “hot mama” released.
  • Contains a configuration validation fix, and a memory leak fix.
2008-02-16: bip 0.7.0 “birthday party” released.
  • The good stuff: sighup support, /bip reload should also work now
  • New commands (allow a user to add a new network without restarting bip for instance)
  • Better user feedback when issuing /bip commands.
  • Lots of new backlog options, some of which can now be set per user instead of globally.
  • And a few fixes on top of that.
2007-08-19: bip 0.6.1 released. See the downloads page.
  • Fixes half closed socket descriptor leak, as well as a potential crash on startup.
  • Bip switches to git. You can clone the public repository with:
    git clone
2007-02-27: bip 0.6.0 released. See the downloads page.
  • Includes more commands, more options, more fixes.
  • UPDATE: Thanks to YS for the sexy logo! How rude of me to forget to give proper credits!
  • Bip is developed by Arnaud Cornet and Loïc Gomez and is distributed under the GNU Public License Version 2 (see the AUTHORS file for a list of contributors).
  • BIP IRC channel is on OFTC : irc://

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