From 2010-04-05 to 2010-05-04


04:03 Documentation #28 (Resolved): Document Postman workflow
Applied in changeset commit:"aabe1674a2ae1b5e0c47b1df1b50bdb897c7a57f". Marc Dequènes


20:22 Enhancement #34 (Resolved): Separate log for each Bot
Marc Dequènes
20:11 Enhancement #32 (In Progress): Adapt Postman to use Librarian and MapMaker Bots
Support UNIX socket middleware backend only. Marc Dequènes
20:09 Enhancement #31 (Resolved): Preliminary DNS Bot
Orders to implement:
* check presence of zone file
* read entire zone file (adapt existing code)
* write entire zo...
Marc Dequènes
19:57 Documentation #30 (Resolved): Establish a Preliminary inter-bot discussion protocol
Only focus on messages formating and semantic, without any care for security and rights, only orders.
Marc Dequènes
19:55 Enhancement #29 (Resolved): Preliminary LDAP Bot
Implement basic orders quickly, the real API will be done in #178. This is only to work on the bot split.
Support ...
Marc Dequènes
19:29 Documentation #28 (Resolved): Document Postman workflow
Mixed logic diagram(s?), with involved objects, explaining the flow of data.
Marc Dequènes

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