From 2010-10-06 to 2010-11-04


23:22 Revision 3d653143: [evol] conversation/bot protocol rework §5 (refs #30)
Marc Dequènes
23:04 Revision fccfdfb9: [evol] conversation/bot protocol rework §4 (refs #30)
Marc Dequènes


21:32 Revision 688a21d7: [evol] conversation/bot protocol rework §3 (refs #30)
Marc Dequènes
18:42 Revision e26c015f: [evol] conversation/bot protocol rework §2 (refs #30)
Marc Dequènes
01:15 Revision cdd6154d: [evol] conversation protocol complete rework + work on action protocol §1 (refs #30)
Marc Dequènes


19:16 Enhancement #178 (New): Use LdapShadows backend in the Librarian Bot
Use LdapShadows as a bridge to LDAP, using its abstraction without ever taking care of low-level LDAP concepts (so th... Marc Dequènes
19:10 Enhancement #177: Rework component dependencies
We need to check if we switch to the default Ruby logger or keep log4r, which is perfectly fine.
Marc Dequènes
19:09 Enhancement #177 (Resolved): Rework component dependencies
Now that the DNS services has been reworked and is much cleaner, i was about to use a Factory, but i discovered the d... Marc Dequènes


19:50 Revision 43cf1d04: [merge] from 0.3.2
Marc Dequènes
19:11 Revision b3a5479b: [fix] tmail_gpg: remove final CRLF added to respect OpenPGP convention
Marc Dequènes
17:58 Revision 18970c0e: [fix] use normalized mail/parts body (UNIX EOL is much appreciated by UNIX tools)
Marc Dequènes
17:41 Revision 766c702c: [evol] quick code to handle running an external script to reload the zone (needed for signed zones)
Marc Dequènes
17:40 Revision 6aec78f6: [fix] return error properly when attachment is missing, avoiding a crash (code is still not properly split in this branch)
Marc Dequènes

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