From 2011-02-04 to 2011-03-05


20:05 Enhancement #202: Multiple services of the same type
Use <host>:<bot-type> as bot name? Marc Dequènes
01:58 Enhancement #202 (New): Multiple services of the same type
We will transform the core to be able to use Guard to locate services by type and multiplex search requests in order ... Marc Dequènes
01:51 Enhancement #201 (New): Auth/Tokens/Locator Bot
This bot has multiple usages:
* be a trusted referee to check bots identity
* act as a common trusted party to exch...
Marc Dequènes
01:45 Enhancement #200 (New): XMPP BE
Preliminary work on the XMMP communication backend Marc Dequènes
01:42 Enhancement #199 (New): View personnal and services information
Be able to view/search infos about oneself and registered services. This is mostly (if not entirely) tied to Libraria... Marc Dequènes
01:32 Enhancement #198 (New): Stick logs to "areas"
Logs should be separated into areas, each one covering a certain aspect to the bot process, for example: the communic... Marc Dequènes
01:00 Enhancement #197 (In Progress): Preliminary Order Bot
This bot should receive orders from Postman, store it somewhere, ACK Postman (which can then mark the mail), process ... Marc Dequènes
00:36 Enhancement #196 (New): Zone edition
Implement the zone editor and alter() methods for zones.
We need some kind of micro-language to add/remove/replace...
Marc Dequènes
00:30 Enhancement #177 (In Progress): Rework component dependencies
Going in the Needle direction.
Core is now using a limited DI configuration, but MapMaker and Librarian use it mor...
Marc Dequènes
00:27 Enhancement #31 (Resolved): Preliminary DNS Bot
No locking yet, and several issues will be assigned to further releases.
Marc Dequènes
00:24 Enhancement #29 (Resolved): Preliminary LDAP Bot
Marc Dequènes
00:24 Enhancement #29 (In Progress): Preliminary LDAP Bot
Marc Dequènes
00:23 Documentation #30 (Resolved): Establish a Preliminary inter-bot discussion protocol
Marc Dequènes

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