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Marc Dequènes, 2018-05-02 19:00

Debian Repository


All files are stored into /srv/www/sites/ (config, packages, upload zone…). The user dc-repository has been created to handle all the necessary tasks with only limited rights.

Regular administration is to be done using the adm_dc-repository script as root. This script is able to sudo and pass local configuration options to reprepro, and avoid messing with the rights.

For example:

# adm_dc-repository list jessie
jessie|dc-net|amd64: libiksemel-dev 1.4-2+dc1
jessie|dc-net|amd64: libiksemel-utils 1.4-2+dc1
jessie|dc-net|amd64: libiksemel3 1.4-2+dc1
jessie|dc-net|amd64: zabbix-agent 1:2.4.6+dfsg-1+dc1
jessie|dc-net|i386: zabbix-agent 1:2.4.6+dfsg-1+dc1
jessie|dc-net|source: libiksemel 1.4-2+dc1
jessie|dc-net|source: zabbix 1:2.4.6+dfsg-1+dc1

Adding Contributors

The list of uploader is setup into /srv/www/sites/

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