Webservers Status Page

Each webserver displays various debug/stats information on a special vhost, using its canonical hostname. Only members of the Admin Team may log in.

Manually Managed WebApps

Installation not Ansibilized yet, but migration to MM3 planned, see #627.

Currently experimental, see around the srv_gallery_generate script.

Nextcloud installation is manually done, see README in the vhost directory.


Deployment is partially Ansible-managed.

Installation of a new instance

Prepare a LocalSettings.php file:
  • wgSecretKey: apg -a 1 -M nl -n 3 -m 64 -E ghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • wgDBpassword: apg

Deploy with Ansible. Create the database manually.

Go to the installation URL: https://<vhost>/mw-config/index.php
You have to repeat the wiki name and database parameter as defined in your LocalSettings.php file.
If you use the LdapAuthentication extension, the admin account is of no importance as local accounts are not used.

Run the upgrade script as defined in the next chapter, as extensions might add things to the database.

Upgrade of an instance

Go into the instance document_root and run: MW_INSTALL_PATH=$(pwd) maintenance/update.php

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