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using ircnet bip crashes if a channel has two nicks different only by one "~"

Added by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli over 12 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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nitram reported:

as soon as i join a channel that has the nicks "~mc" and "mc" on ircnet bip crashes with "11-11-2011 15:55:44 FATAL: Element with key mc already in hash b9495ce0

I found two problems:

First, in irc_353 function ( source:src/irc.c@a46b8bd2#L1362 ) we discard '~' character when storing operator/voice mask foreach nickname. For example if the irc server send
'' ' 353 pilou = #plopplopplop :pilou ~lolll219 lolll219 ' (user pilou joining where tho users ~lolll219 lolll219 are here)
we store operator/voice mask of lolll219 twice (once for ~lolll219 and another for lolll219).

This lead to many errors:

  • if either lolll219 or ~lolll219 have a not empty operator/voice mask, then problem reported by nitram appears: the second hash_insert fails.
  • when ~lolll219 or lolll219 send irc part command, irc_part function ( source:src/irc.c@a46b8bd2#L1498 ) encounters problem.
    If ~lolll219 quit then his operator/voice mask can not be found (it was not stored) and then irc_part return ERR_PROTOCOL:
    13-11-2011 14:38:22 ERROR: [ircnet] Error in protocol, closing...
    13-11-2011 14:38:22 ERROR: [ircnet] reconnecting in 0 seconds
  • If lolll219 quit then an assertion fails, indeed the lolll219 key is present twice in the operator/voice mask hash:
    13-11-2011 14:37:29 FATAL: 80b3288 appears twice in list

Second problem: it should not be possible to store two identical key in one hash. list_remove_if_exists function ( source:src/util.c@a46b8bd2#L370 ) - called by irc_part - verify this assertion and the assertion fails.

Currently insertion of two identical keys occurs because instead of checking if the hash contains already an identical key, we check if the value corresponding to this key is NULL or not ( source:src/util.c@a46b8bd2#L566 ):

void hash_insert(hash_t *hash, const char *key, void *ptr)
    if (hash_get(hash, key))
        fatal("Element with key %s already in hash %x\n", key, hash);

So it's possible to store many identical key associated to 0/NULL value.

And the associated value for the key in operator/voice mask hash can be 0/NULL:

long int ovmask = 0;
hash_insert(&channel->ovmasks, nick, (void *)ovmask);


Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli over 12 years ago

Patchs need to be reviewed by nohar :)

Actions #2

Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli over 12 years ago

hash_includes is sufficient, hash_has_key is redundant.

I do some tests with unrealirc, thanks to Nathan Brink (aka binki) !

  • logs for names / join:
    16-11-2011 01:42:15 DEBUG: " 353 Pilou = #plopplopplop2 :~coincoinlol2 ~binki &Pilou @coincoinlol " 
  • logs for part:
    16-11-2011 01:43:04 DEBUG: ":coincoinlol2! PART #plopplopplop2" 

ircnet allows "~" at the beginning of nicknames. Then "~" appears in /part and /names.

Therefore patch need modifications: when connecting to an irc server he send something like

02:07:50    ircnet  -- | Welcome to the Internet Relay Network pilou!
02:07:50    ircnet  -- | Your host is, running version 2.11.2p2
02:07:50    ircnet  -- | This server was created Sun Nov 21 2010 at 22:28:21 CET
02:07:50    ircnet  -- | 2.11.2p2 aoOirw abeiIklmnoOpqrRstv
02:07:50    ircnet  -- | RFC2812 PREFIX=(ov)@+ CHANTYPES=#&!+ MODES=3 CHANLIMIT=#&!+:21 NICKLEN=15 TOPICLEN=255 KICKLEN=255 MAXLIST=beIR:64 CHANNELLEN=50 IDCHAN=!:5
                       | CHANMODES=beIR,k,l,imnpstaqr :are supported by this server
02:07:50    ircnet  -- | PENALTY FNC EXCEPTS=e INVEX=I CASEMAPPING=ascii NETWORK=IRCnet :are supported by this server

PREFIX variable must be used in order to fix the bug. PREFIX for unrealircd is PREFIX=(qaohv)~&%+@

Actions #3

Updated by Marc Dequènes over 10 years ago

  • Target version deleted (0.8.9)
  • Help Needed set to No

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