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Replace our Ancient Gallery

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Gallery2 is not supported anymore, it is old and ugly, probably with security issues. It also uses old libraries, probably having security issues too, like Smarty.

We need to find a proper replacement.

- not too ugly and some kind of responsive JS slideshow
- method to hook into LDAP for auth (direct LDAP support or PAM)
- direct access to the media files in the filesystem
- a webapp using a daemon for background tasks and inotify support would be nice
- an Android app would be nice

Pyoto from Kilobug had some of these features but not all. Maybe we could work with him to improve it.

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Just in case someone was thinking about Gallery 3, there was license problems IIRC, and the project is long dead:

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Gallery is gone, we need to move the photos elsewhere where the users have access to their data in the meanwhile.

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I've been looking at two solutions:
  • fgallery: it's nice, would need more testing, but lacks support for subdirectories and seems to lack maintenance, so this would not work (an overview mode would have been nice too)
  • myphotoshare: seems not bad, but HappyPeng seem to be unable to see the media appearing, only the text around; seems nice overall even is not as sexy as the previous one (and without the captions and face detection)

I'm playing with a test site to check how it works.

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