Review #542

mkcert: allow to specify CONFDIR

Added by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

In Progress
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Please, could you review branches listed below ?

  • Allow-to-define-CONFDIR
  • Key-size-synchronize-default-values-sample-values
  • Typo
  • improve-reliability-enable-some-checks
  • Handle-when-mkcert-isn-t-in-PATH
  • directory-might-not-exists

These branches are available here



Updated by Marc Dequènes about 5 years ago

  • Project changed from DuckCorp Infrastructure to mkcert

Updated by Marc Dequènes about 5 years ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

Allow-to-define-CONFDIR: OK
Key-size-synchronize-default-values-sample-values: OK
Typo: OK
improve-reliability-enable-some-checks: OK
Handle-when-mkcert-isn-t-in-PATH: I don't really like the fact the basename could be changed, or it becomes somewhat a different project, but let's be flexible => OK
directory-might-not-exists: incomplete fix, the 'ca' subdirectory at least is missing; why not enforce creating them all at start time to avoid repeating? Also this affects configuration files too when copying the template.


Updated by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli almost 5 years ago

I just merged accepted branches and then discovered two typo. I made 3 commits, could you review the fixes branch available in ?


Updated by Marc Dequènes almost 5 years ago

Now that you have access you can push branches in the main repo, I think it would be more practical.

I merged the fixes branch.

In fact the case where no command is given was already handled, but due to nounset it was broken IIUC, so this was a regression. You can see the code for it at the end of the second big case. So now I guess we should update the code in this part to remove the test for COM's emptiness and just display the error. What do you think?

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