Enhancement #497

Updated by Marc Dequènes over 4 years ago

Bacula has some drawbacks which do not improve over the last years, mainly:
* horrible CLI, difficult to search through backups and volumes
* retention is awfully complex to setup
* consolidated backups never worked with file volumes
* cannot resume, so if a full backup with a lot of data fails midway, useless incomplete volumes pile-up and eat all the available space

We may use another system for laptop/user backup, like duplicity for eg. On a trusted centralized backup system for server I would list these criteria:
* secure transfer (TLS, SSH…)
* delta transfer
* compression
* resumable
* incremental backup: either full-incremental without full backup (except initial setup), or consolidation
* open fifo option: useful to backup databases without reserving a huge local space, allows on-the-fly backup stream with unmodified tools (mysqldump, pg_dump…)
proper retention settings: we should be able to express this: keep 1 backup per day during 7 days, then 1 per week during 4 weeks, then 1 per month during 1 year
* long time restoration: backup format breaks infrequently and either new software can read old formats or a straightforward command can convert them to the new format
* maintained: at least one maintenance release per year, no critical bug without at least a workaround for more than a month

Also, would-be-nice features but we can live without it:
* deduplication
* single entrypoint when different category of data are to be saved (different retention for eg): single daemon and open port
* exclude dir if contains file: allows user to exclude their own dirs, like we did with Bacula, just 'touch .nobackup' and the backup software will skip the dir