Bip: bip 0.8.0-rc0 “We ain’t dead” released

Added by Arnaud Cornet over 13 years ago

Some work under the hood, plus noticable changes:
  • One logfile per nick for queries, instead of the messy privates.×.log. Slight log format change (now the format of the log of queries is very similar to the on used for channels).
  • “Window”-local blreset and blreset on talk. By default the blreset_on_talk now only clears the backlog of the query you talked to or the channel you talked to. The /quote bip blreset command now can take a query name or a channel name as an argument. “/quote bip blreset” still resets the backlog of the whole network.
  • /quote bip backlog x command where x is the number of hours will backlog x hours.
  • autorejoin on kick by default. Can be disabled with the option autojoin_on_kick = false in a connection block.

Bip: bip 0.7.5 released

Added by Arnaud Cornet over 13 years ago

  • Halfop handling fixed, and a shameful segfault.
  • The segfault may be exploitable by clients, but only after successful login. Please upgrade.

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