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d9a90899 2010-04-05 15:09 Marc Dequènes

[fix] raise an error when trying to sign a not properly encoded content

037010aa 2010-04-05 15:08 Marc Dequènes

[fix] ensure RFC3156 content is calculated with raw content when checking a signature (without TMail content reorganization) and using the TMail generated content when creating a new mail

c671241f 2010-04-05 05:41 Marc Dequènes

[fix] corrected multipart MailOrder parsing: skip first part and parse 'content-*' headers properly

56947466 2010-04-05 02:29 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added to_multipart! method to remove such low level manipulations from postman

dcbc5f76 2010-04-05 02:18 Marc Dequènes

[fix] ensure to_rfc3156() is strict, and ensure quoted_body message is properly added for signed/crypted

8ddd43db 2010-04-05 02:16 Marc Dequènes

[fix] ensure Postman multipart replies are sent without custom headers in the 'multipart/mixed' part, and add a quoted_body message

53a897af 2010-04-05 00:03 Marc Dequènes

[fix] don't set command result before every action is done to avoid returning SUCCESS when an exception is raised

7c30a804 2010-04-04 23:58 Marc Dequènes

[fix] corrected crash due to exceptions returning non-tm

0888f3f5 2010-04-04 19:34 Marc Dequènes

[fix] don't truncate log file at startup

3e188ece 2010-04-04 19:30 Marc Dequènes

[fix] don't crash if @config.i18n.restricted_language_set is not set

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