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Marc Dequènes, 2019-10-01 19:38


This is the root of the DuckCorp Admin Team materials used to install, configure and manage services.

DuckCorp is commited to Free Software, thus all materials are published under the GPL v3 License (see details of the license in the `COPYING` file).

Understanding these Materials and Contributing

Please read the README file in the Repository tab.

Wanted Improvements or Bugs affecting our Infrastructure

DuckCorp is using the Debian operating system; here are some bugs we identified as affecting our infrastructure:

Sensitive Materials

Some sensitive materials (credentials, privacy-related…) which are not needed to build the Infrastructure are stored in a separate dedicated GPG-encrypted repository.


To use this repository first install git-remote-gcrypt, then, in a safe place:

git clone gcrypt::ssh://
cd admin.git
git config gcrypt.participants "$(tr '\n' ' ' < participants)"
git config remote.origin.gcrypt-publish-participants true

You can then push/pull as usual.

Maintenance of the Participants file

The participants file contains a list of GPG fingerprints (one by line) for each DuckCorp administrator (key IDs can allow collisions!). It needs to be updated when someone enter or leaves the team. The corresponding git repository setting (seen above) carefully needs to be synchronized with this file.

Procedures / Notes



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