From 2010-09-13 to 2010-10-12


20:59 Enhancement #149 (Resolved): Better shell handling
Applied in changeset commit:"016427dd02ba652aba3281235e512f73f3650fb5". Marc Dequènes
20:19 Enhancement #149: Better shell handling
In fact, the first part of the problem is not, probably solved when migrating to cmdparse2.
Marc Dequènes
20:59 Revision 016427dd: [evol] allow specifying a file content as value in the command line for search and modify commands (closes #149)
Marc Dequènes
20:01 Enhancement #141 (Resolved): virtual attributes
Applied in changeset commit:"3f98466868f60ec29793532960f01c329ab4d412". Marc Dequènes
16:38 Enhancement #141: virtual attributes
Searching vattrs is quite difficult. Even if you know which kind of objects or aspects you want, still an attribute c... Marc Dequènes
20:00 Revision 3f984668: [evol] implemented vattrs search via post-filters (closes #141)
Marc Dequènes
19:27 Revision 46d859e0: [fix] correct _attribute_info return values
Marc Dequènes
15:54 Revision 5f929912: [evol] vattrs: normalize when setting field with helpers (refs #141)
Marc Dequènes

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