From 2008-11-24 to 2008-12-23


01:24 Revision fdc29eca: [evol] add complete user management interface #2
Marc Dequènes
01:24 Revision fcaa7349: [evol] add complete user management interface
Marc Dequènes
01:13 Revision d3d4a9b0: [fix] improve password validation #2
Marc Dequènes
01:12 Revision 03256d87: [fix] improve password validation
Marc Dequènes
01:11 Revision edf9058a: [evol] redirect to home page after logout, instead of login page
Marc Dequènes


00:40 Revision a579432b: [fix/evol] forgot new files in the previous commits and check admin status to access user management
Marc Dequènes


01:23 Revision 46e28cc2: [evol] updated URLs in 'About' submenu
Marc Dequènes
01:00 Revision d0ff9068: [evol] created a simple logon system, protected admin pages, and added a logon indicator/link (no user management yet, only a deadend entry in the menu if admin)
Marc Dequènes


21:30 Revision b247fd58: [cosmetic] center artwork image in their frame in the arwork admin list
Marc Dequènes
21:25 Revision ca0e6553: [fix] worked around artwork list default sort not enforced
Marc Dequènes
21:11 Bug #1 (Resolved): size's setting when editing item / valeur de la dimension lors de l'edition d'une oeuvre
Applied in changeset commit:"fc30c2a2a992f7470aeee259d71120ed3d55331e". Anonymous
21:09 Revision fc30c2a2: [fix] added 'selected' parameter to artwork size generic selector and pass currently selected size in artwork edit page (closes #1)
Marc Dequènes
20:50 Cosmetic #2 (Resolved): bad typo / faute de frappe
Applied in changeset commit:"4fe0d35d1147e827e3335af4be94d87641bf7d93". Anonymous
20:49 Revision 4fe0d35d: [fix] corrected typo (closes #2)
Marc Dequènes
20:39 Cosmetic #3 (Feedback): Upper case acute accent is not correctly displayed
When you edit the group name, you can see "Été vert". So i created a new group for test called "Été vert test"... Marc Dequènes

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