From 2008-12-06 to 2009-01-04


02:42 Cosmetic #3 (Rejected): Upper case acute accent is not correctly displayed
Yes the HTML entity was entered manually : problem was non-existent.
(real problem of user was : "How can i write an...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
02:36 Enhancement #6 (Resolved): Per user language
Logged user can not choose language of the interface (option not available when editing property of a user).
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
02:31 Bug #5 (Resolved): Can not modify "technique"/"Support" property
In admin UI, "technique"/"support" property can not be modified : an error appears.
Steps to reproduce :
# Log wi...
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
00:23 Cosmetic #4 (Resolved): Replace "technique" with "Support"/"Support" (En/Fr) | Changement de dénomination d'un item de la base
In Admin UI, replace "Technique" with Support (En) / Support (Fr). Technique appears in menu "Gérer les techniques", ... Jean-Marc Bonicoli

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