From 2009-02-23 to 2009-03-24


01:55 Revision 1ed9be73: [fix] forgot to sync db dump
Marc Dequènes
01:49 Cosmetic #7 (Resolved): Affichage de la taille des productions
Applied in changeset commit:"355d765d38ce93388eac47a1bb51e05a5d54f8fb". Marc Dequènes
01:48 Revision 355d765d: [evol] added image size info in the 'latest 10 artworks' page (closes #7)
Marc Dequènes
01:44 Revision 5fd9510f: [evol] added a small margin around image in the 'latest 10 artworks' page
Marc Dequènes
01:37 Revision e7c1c637: [fix] corrected language display in user view
Marc Dequènes
01:30 Enhancement #6 (Resolved): Per user language
Applied in changeset commit:"73f2fc180533c37c7205b21422e8452fe44295b9". Marc Dequènes
01:29 Revision 73f2fc18: [evol] language can be forced in the user admin page (closes #6) (no user interface yet)
Marc Dequènes


22:53 Bug #5 (Resolved): Can not modify "technique"/"Support" property
This was a database problem indeed. Rails does not handle extra fields well in simple HABTM model, instead of just ig... Marc Dequènes
22:52 Revision 521b7d99: [info] new interresting links about DB relationship (mostly HABTM)
Marc Dequènes
22:47 Revision aaa55822: [fix] db schema sync (multiple materials and no id field for simple HABTM (or fetching remote object ids would fail))
Marc Dequènes
22:44 Revision 122c63c4: [fix] check artwork properties/subobjects better before displaying
Marc Dequènes


14:28 Revision 3807b362: [evol] an artwork can have multiple materials
Marc Dequènes


00:06 Revision d86eb8c1: [evol] partial upgrade to rails 2.2.2 (config+js) (full upgrade cancelled due to incompatibility with current gettext)
Marc Dequènes


14:27 Enhancement #6 (In Progress): Per user language
Should allow *forcing* the user langage.
Please not a user cannot yet change its preferences by himself yet (but t...
Marc Dequènes
14:23 Cosmetic #4 (Resolved): Replace "technique" with "Support"/"Support" (En/Fr) | Changement de dénomination d'un item de la base
Applied in changeset commit:"70e65017593750754038374c7fab3b153ba60b5d". Marc Dequènes
14:23 Revision 70e65017: [fix] renamed 'technique' into more appropriate name 'artwork_support', and update schema and translations (Closes #4)
Marc Dequènes

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