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22:00 Bip Enhancement #210: shell support
p.s by now, it's better not to ping anything :) Vladislav Grishenko
21:55 Bip Enhancement #210 (Rejected): shell support
it'll be great to have ability to execute shell commands via irc private messaging.
simple case (admin, one shell co...
Vladislav Grishenko
21:30 Bip Bug #209 (New): No connection attempt after date/time shift
in my case, bip doesn't even try to establish connections, if started on my soho router which has not rtc available.
Vladislav Grishenko


15:12 Bip Revision c3bb6639 (bip): Send after join /names before backlog
there're some irc client which create windows, session etc only on 366
packet received (End of /NAMES list) like Mira...
Vladislav Grishenko


16:07 Bip Revision c21db5a5 (bip): Fix for empty topic creator and timestamp on RusNet IRC Servers
Vladislav Grishenko

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