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17:09 Bip Enhancement #244 (In Progress): configurable timestamp format and/or log line format
Looking into this. Loïc Gomez
17:06 Bip Bug #245: bip splits privmsg logs into multiple files; no way to force it to use only one file per nick
Hi Selene,
Afaik, bip has no such feature, but it looks like a logrotate pattern though.
Isn't your logrotate set...
Loïc Gomez
17:03 Bip Bug #714 (Resolved): unused-result warnings
Thanks, I believe these have been resolved by #750. Loïc Gomez
17:00 Bip Bug #764 (Rejected): Segfault after /BIP TRUST OK
Duplicate of #186 actually. Loïc Gomez
16:57 Bip Bug #481: Fix log level for erroneous messages
With this I'm just adding plain logging of unhandled IRC errors at INFO log level into bip.log.
We can still discuss...
Loïc Gomez
16:52 Bip Enhancement #756 (In Progress): Fix reconnect timer
Loïc Gomez
16:50 Bip Enhancement #761 (In Progress): Debian bug: `backlog_lines = 10` in default bip.conf makes users lose messages
Loïc Gomez
16:50 Bip Review #757 (In Progress): Allow to /BIP JUMP <other connection>
Loïc Gomez
15:21 Bip Bug #341: 'bip list connections' command should display queries
What would be the criteria for displaying a nickname in the list ? Would it be the list of nicknames you interacted w... Loïc Gomez
15:17 Bip Enhancement #758: Load new certificates on /BIP RELOAD / SIGHUP
Forgot to lint. Loïc Gomez

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