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23:45 Bip Revision d19099eb (bip): Log unhandled IRC errors as LOG_INFO in bip.log
This will allow for user feedback in main bip.log when an IRC error
occurs, like:
- 404 ERR_CANN...
Loïc Gomez
15:39 Bip Revision 99a1244e (bip): Allow a user to /BIP JUMP [-f] [other_conn] (within their list).
This can be useful when a connection is very slow to reconnect and the
user wants to force an immediate reconnection....
Loïc Gomez
15:15 Bip Enhancement #800 (In Progress): Update copyright data
Loïc Gomez
15:13 Bip Enhancement #761: Debian bug: `backlog_lines = 10` in default bip.conf makes users lose messages
Resolved with Loïc Gomez
15:13 Bip Enhancement #756 (Resolved): Fix reconnect timer
Loïc Gomez
00:07 Bip Revision edd460a8 (bip): Set default recon_timer (and step) to 30s
Waiting 2 minutes on the first disconnect is depressing.
With this the maximum of 10min wait time is reached after 20...
Loïc Gomez


03:29 Bip Revision 4cd5bdb3 (bip): Set default backlog_lines = 0 (fixes Debian bug #818374)
This would have defaults move to backlog_always=false / log=true /
backlog_lines=0, which should not cause much troub...
Loïc Gomez


13:37 Bip Review #765 (Rejected): Add copyright data for base64 files and update to the new version
Review moved to chapril. Loïc Gomez
13:32 Bip Review #755 (Rejected): Update copyright data
Review moved to chapril Loïc Gomez


13:44 Bip Review #755: Update copyright data
I've included some contributors and asked more on IRC.
Loïc Gomez

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