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d4af5eef 2011-09-09 23:44 Marc Dequènes

[evol] updated MilkyPond world

726b6765 2011-09-09 23:41 Marc Dequènes

[evol] attributes parameters rework § (MilkyPond world update) (refs #142)

02cccf42 2011-09-09 03:32 Marc Dequènes

[evol] attributes parameters rework §4 (OpenLDAP_config world update) (refs #142)

5f929912 2010-10-09 15:54 Marc Dequènes

[evol] vattrs: normalize when setting field with helpers (refs #141)

c2c26953 2010-09-08 19:58 Marc Dequènes

[evol] virtual attributes support §2 (aspect vattrs with example) (refs #141)

a8bda213 2010-09-08 03:55 Marc Dequènes

[evol] preliminary virtual attributes support (with read only attributes support, and an example vattr) (refs #141)

b0dfb7ef 2010-09-07 03:04 Marc Dequènes

[evol] hidden/expert attributes updates in shadows

b3474503 2010-09-07 02:49 Marc Dequènes

[fix] translation

7c3507f6 2010-09-07 00:59 Marc Dequènes

[evol] preliminary support for OpenLDAP 'cn=config' world §3 (translations) (refs #143)

18c1debb 2010-09-07 00:59 Marc Dequènes

[evol] preliminary support for OpenLDAP 'cn=config' world §2 (refs #143)

338a42df 2010-09-06 22:30 Marc Dequènes

[evol] adapt to ActiveLDAP changes in relations (introduced in 1.1.0)

74adbd15 2010-09-06 22:28 Marc Dequènes

[fix] missing translation for the main MilkyPond shadow

cad344a9 2010-09-06 15:48 Marc Dequènes

[evol] preliminary support for OpenLDAP 'cn=config' world (refs #143)

5174b503 2010-09-06 13:24 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added support for multiple worlds (closes #144)

98217996 2010-06-24 00:46 Marc Dequènes

[evol] switched to a higher activeldap library (closes #27)

2cb97830 2010-04-09 01:42 Marc Dequènes

[evol] use a plugins-pecific include dir to share functions among plugins easily (closes #36)

3f1d8342 2010-04-07 02:56 Marc Dequènes

[evol] MilkyPond config: enforce proper 'allowedServices' values

17158fb9 2010-04-07 02:43 Marc Dequènes

[fix] MilkyPond config: s/primary/primary_account/

283a0e39 2010-04-07 02:06 Marc Dequènes

[evol] synched MilkyPond shadow config with current schema

857e6618 2009-12-17 14:15 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added restriction on parents for MP objects

f43a4cb1 2009-11-13 00:25 Marc Dequènes

[evol] recognize 'root' and understand it as value (but not yet as argument), clarify the full handle format, and recognize the MP root

fa116a1b 2009-11-12 22:25 Marc Dequènes

[fix/evol] correct a bug in the item creation when handling the parent parameter, allow specifying a default parent per object, and provides a new find_by_full_handle() handy method

458f7c28 2009-11-09 10:31 Marc Dequènes

[evol] limit parent location/type for item creation (not yet properly integrated)

428fdd46 2009-10-25 14:53 Marc Dequènes

[cleanup] reorganized config

74f54ee8 2009-10-22 23:51 Marc Dequènes

[fix] added missing start of YAML document in MP shadow config files

9a7f1b63 2009-10-22 23:38 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added default config and simplified MilkyPond shadow config (and minor other changes)

953a2b4d 2009-10-20 19:42 Marc Dequènes

[evol/fix] fixed creation hooks call, hooks->plugins with hooks and simplified hooks, added plugin parameters in config and updated aspect/fs

70b17bfa 2009-10-20 02:08 Marc Dequènes

[evol] apply password hash if requested

90809ae4 2009-10-18 19:22 Marc Dequènes

[cleanup] internal rework #2

7b832340 2009-10-17 13:34 Marc Dequènes

[fix/evol] corrected before delete hook and added complete hook support for objects

cb14c112 2009-10-17 13:00 Marc Dequènes

[fix] fixed aspects default hooks

f706cc1d 2009-10-16 12:36 Marc Dequènes

[evol] fix and improve before hooks for aspects

488f778c 2009-10-16 11:56 Marc Dequènes

[cleanup] hook_mod -> hook_modify

717158af 2009-10-16 01:09 Marc Dequènes

[evol] improve config #10 (improved object definition check)

0df6346a 2009-10-14 00:46 Marc Dequènes

[evol] improve config #8 (shadow selection support)

0add0aab 2009-10-13 00:04 Marc Dequènes

[evol] improve config #6 (rename config files)

2b56c5a4 2009-10-12 23:14 Marc Dequènes

[evol] improve config #3 (move non-framework translations in config dir)

ef24d7f9 2009-10-12 23:01 Marc Dequènes

[evol] improve config #2 (aspects config is separated)

efe1cd5c 2009-10-12 22:13 Marc Dequènes

[evol] improve config #1 (objects+relations config is separated)

0c7af251 2009-10-12 01:53 Marc Dequènes

[-] cleanup: removed silly optional_classes support, as aspects handle this nicely

b52f0f7d 2009-08-02 21:16 Marc Dequènes

[evol] move all activeldap workarounds away, and properly manage operational attributes (using schema instead of a hardcoded list)

3d58e226 2009-08-02 01:30 Marc Dequènes

[fix] fs aspect primaryGroup corrected, and now handle single-valued relation data, and btw disallow adding the same value multiple times

dba6a81b 2009-07-30 15:36 Marc Dequènes

[evol] preliminary (dirty) work on hooks

6089b33a 2009-07-24 22:03 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added list of available objects and aspects of objects, and s/ou/unit/ object

b11a7880 2009-07-24 19:58 Marc Dequènes

[evol] more objects

0d75a0b6 2009-07-23 01:56 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added tree view

1744c478 2009-07-23 00:14 Marc Dequènes

[evol] added private config load in home, and global hidden attributes (until something really proper is done for config)

89d8bebc 2009-07-22 14:27 Marc Dequènes

[evol] files/code reorganization, and added a proper installer